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About Sophie

SophieLet me introduce myself. By now you must know that I am French and was born in Paris. I now reside in between Connecticut and Cape Cod, MA and I have been leaving in the United States for 24 years and I am proud to be an American Citizen. Besides my first passion, tennis, I always loved to travel, enjoy great food and wine. I am today taking a Diploma Class in Wine and Spirit and attending the International Wine Center and the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust School in New York City.

Back to when it all started...

At the age of two I decided to move from Paris to the South of France on the French Riviera (well, my parents did). My father Roland who was a dentist was also an amazing athlete and volleyball player. He and some friends built a tennis court in Antibes (20 miles from Nice) that became my life and Nice became my hometown.

My first steps on a tennis court were at the age of four. I was surprising everybody with my abilities to use a badminton racket with plastic strings, and still manage to hit the ball. I continued playing and following my dream of winning Wimbledon! Well, I am still dreaming. It has now become a fantasy and I will be looking for another chance in my next life!

So I started to play in the junior's events and won the French Junior Championships in singles and doubles. I was now part of the elite group of up and coming women players in France. I then won the French Open Junior in doubles with C.Vanier (former number one player in France).

I stepped onto the Women's Professional Tennis Tour in 1980 and was ranked 183 in the world. I continued playing and reached the top 60 after my quarterfinal match against Chris Evert in Melbourne, Australia. That was fun! Unfortunately, or the way I look at it today, fortunately, I got injured in 1987 and was going to quit at age 24. That's when a chance of a lifetime came to me, working with Billie-Jean King. Billie-Jean, who was directing World Team Tennis in Chicago, told me, "You don't quit tennis at 24, that's when you start your career."

So I moved to Chicago, and Billie-Jean King coached me for two years. My ranking had dropped to 578 in the world due to my injury, and I had to start all over again. Think about starting your professional career again from scratch! It was so hard, but so rewarding.

I came back in 18 months and was ranked 110 in the world and remained on the pro tour until 1995.

I have Billie-Jean King to thank for all she did for me and for being such a positive influence in my life, not only as a tennis player, but also as a great person and friend.

In 1992, as I was still playing on the tour and knew that my career was coming to its end, I decided to start my own company 40-LOVE that specializes in Tennis and today the new French Travel Specialists that specializes in all travel within France.

My goal through French Travel Specialists is to bring a unique travel experience to each of you travelers and to do so I have created trips to different parts of France. Some of these trips I will personally chaperone and some I will customized to each individual needs.

My French background and invaluable expertise in French Travel will insure you the best and the most memorable trips to France no matter what your travel preferences are. And today in addition to my travel and tennis experience my wine knowledge and constant education brings another dimension to your next trip to France. I am pleased to share with you the joys of sports, food, wine, and many French cities and hope to experience the wonders of France and to be a part of creating your own memorable adventures in traveling to this extraordinary country!

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